About Us


Specialist of the international aerial transportation

Since his/her/its creation, in 2001, A.T.C imposed itself like one the best specialists in brokerage for the transportation of air freight. Founded by Alieu Tunkara, A.T.C multiplied its activities henceforth in air freight and account 4 agencies, situated to Hong Kong, Kinshasa, Angola and Lomé, His/her/its strong experience, his/her/its international network and his/her/its team of professionals make of A.T.C a broker reappointed in the aerial chartering, that has the confidence of the biggest groups of the enterprises of more modest size.

Recognized in its grandiose services. Given the claims of its customers TOP TRAVELS & TOURS ATC opens new branch on Victory Avenue n°1 in the town of Kasavubu, always in the context of the needs of the population of Kinshasa in the presence of Director General Sir Alieu Tunkara, vice mayor of the municipality of Kasavubu, all partner citing representative Ethioipian airlines, Kenya airways Turkish airlines etc …